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Natural Treatment for Stretch Mark Scars

Your skin likes to follow the same growth patterns as that on top of that. If the stretch marks are allowed to stay for too long, your skin will just continue to repeat them. Even though you have new skin in a couple months, the marks will still be there because your skin thinks they are supposed to be

Around 80% of women end up with these scars after giving birth. Even though these scars are perfectly harmless and will not cause you any physical difficulty, women become so embarrassed and try to cover up and hide their existence. If you do nothing about preventing they scars chances are high that you will get them.

When looking for new acne scar and stretch mark treatments it is important to remember to look for an effective skin treatment that can be applied quickly without having to worry about it interacting badly with other any other medication you may be taking.

If ointments are not working for you, you will prefer to meet with a physician about micro-dermabrasion. Stretch marks are softened and visibly faded as the epidermis layer of the skin is sloughed off. An alternative option is laser stretch mark surgery.

Stretch marks, also known as Striae, are scars that occur when the layer of skin known as the dermis is torn. This can be caused by rapid weight gain or growth spurts (as may often happen in puberty), as well as pregnancy or bodybuilding.

The skin's cells and tissues can regenerate when an injury occurs. If they do not regenerate, then severe scarring occurs. The body's overall health and nutritional status must be good in order for regeneration to occur.

The disruption of these scar tissues will help the skin regrow normally and thus eliminate scar damage. After laser stretch mark removal the skin will be softer and will have the same color as the surrounding skin areas. Lasers will help eliminate uneven colors caused by scar tissue under the skin.

GAGs are intricate polysaccharides (sugar chains) that collaborate in the regulation of physiological processes through their connections with proteoglycans and with a wide selection of proteins.

All of the cells of the body need protein in order to regenerate. A lack of protein in the diet could be one of the factors that causes scars, stretch marks or wrinkles that are deep or more severe.

It actively promotes collagen production and is a natural moisturizer reducing fibrous tears as skin is stretched during pregnancy or from weight gain. It has been shown to substantially reduce scarring and to accelerate recovery from damaged and torn skin.

Field hands who had to pick snails from grape vines observed that their hands were spotless and that wounds healed without a scar. Comprehensive investigation into the serum produced by snails, when stressed, led to the certification of copper peptide production inside the cells of the snails.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Five Easy Steps to Cleaning Toenails Naturally

Having beautiful toes can make you feel confident and comfortable wearing open-toed shoes, slippers, or even barefoot. It's easy enough to make feet look attractive but dirty toenails can definitely ruin the whole look. More important than just for appearance sake, you will need to keep your toenails clean for hygiene purposes.

You can get dirty toenails by keeping your toes often inside socks, stockings, or tights. Moisture can be trapped inside shoes and socks making toenails prone to fungus and bacteria. And your feet might smell bad too, but that's for another article.

Here are five easy steps to help you keep your toenails clean:

1. Wash your feet. Whenever you come back home, you bring dirt and bacteria from wherever you went along with you. Don't think that since you're wearing shoes your feet and toenails are safe from bacteria. Take off your shoes and socks and let your feet rest for several minutes before washing them. Use lukewarm water for washing. To make sure your feet don't get fungus, you can use apple cider vinegar to wash your feet.

2. Use a soft brush when cleaning your toenails. Dirt and bacteria can get stuck in the corner of your nails. Use a soft brush so you don't hurt yourself where the skin might be sensitive. Use an antiseptic soap to help get rid of bacteria and prevent fungus from growing. Do this regularly and not only when you come back from the outside.

3. Clip your toenails regularly to keep them short. Your feet always get exposed to elements that can make them dirty, like mud, water, and dust. The best natural way to keep your toenails clean is by keeping them short to avoid the buildup of dirt and bacteria under the nails that over time can be difficult to clean. Long toenails are also at risk of accidentally chipping or breaking, and that can be painful.

4. You can use a nail file to clean your nails and not just for filing or trimming. A pointed cleaner stick can be used to clean the end and corners of your toenails. This is best done after washing to help make digging out dry dirt easier. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure that can break your nails.

5. Moisturize your nails. Moisturizing your nails keeps them strong against chipping and cracking. Make sure to also rub moisturizer on your cuticles as this will help you grow stronger nails.

Risk Factors That Affect Pregnancy

Being pregnant is not always the easiest of things but it surely is one of the most beautiful feelings of the world. Pregnancy is one thing that makes women complete, as the motherhood is one of the most important parts of a women’s life. However, there are few things that you must avoid during pregnancy to make sure that your baby is born healthy. 

No smoking 

The smoking is a bad habit for anyone and for pregnant women it’s surely to be avoided strictly. Any kind of active or passive smoking can be injurious to health of both the mother and the baby. Smoking can make it difficult for a baby to grow normally inside the mother’s womb.

Alcohol is the worst 

Alcohol has some bad effects on human body and it’s a poison for pregnant women. You have to understand that if you are consuming alcohol during pregnancy then your baby is consuming it too and unlike you, the babies have no level of alcohol tolerance. It will harm them badly and that can cause many physical defects to the baby.

Heavy exercises are bad 

Doctors always say that light exercises are good for pregnant women and the baby’s health. However, you must never try to take it too far and go for heavy exercises. The babies live in a very delicate situation in the mother’s womb and any kind of pressure can be really harmful for you and the baby.

Stress is not good 

Physical and mental stresses both are really bad for to be mothers and the unborn babies. If you are pregnant then you must make sure that you are not doing stressful work. You must try to be tension free too. If you find it tough to maintain this then meditation can be the best solution for you, it will help you to relax your mind and remain stress free.

No over the counter medicines  

Over the counter medicines are never good for your health when you are pregnant. If you have a headache then you have to ask your doctor what you should do rather than taking aspirin as that is too a over the counter medicine. You must not buy any medicine during pregnancy if your doctor has not prescribed it for you.

Low cooked foods are to be avoided 

Low cooked food items, like sea food preparations, should always be avoided during pregnancy. You must also avoid food items with too much oil and spices. Controlling your appetite for junk food is very essential if you are pregnant. They can make you and the child ill and that is surely not the situation you want.

Vitamin A supplements must not be consumed 

The vitamin A supply is required daily in our body but most of us have no issues with vitamin A deficiency. Over dosage of vitamin A can be toxic for the baby and you can face problems with your birth too. It can create defects in the baby too. This is why you must avoid the vitamin A supplements as much as possible.

Avoid fish with mercury 

There are many fishes which can contain mercury and you must always avoid them. Mercury is very bad for unborn babies and it can cause brain damages too. Fishes like shark or tuna has mercury in them and they should be avoided completely. Your doctor will surely prescribe you a diet and you must follow it strictly.

Stay away from caffeine 

The caffeine is present in coffee, tea and soda and it has addictive qualities. The coffee and tee are those drinks which have become parts of our everyday life but they can be harmful for the heart of your baby and the caffeine can become addictive to the babies.

Cat litters are bad for you 

The cat is one animal that carries many different kinds of harmful germs and some of them can cause defective birth. If you have a pet cat then you must never change the cat litter yourself during pregnancy. It won’t be a bad idea to stay away from your pet cat during the pregnancy period. 

General Information About Acne


Acne is a dermatological condition that affects the pores of the skin. In this, appearances of clogged pores (called blackheads and whiteheads), pimples and lumps are usually the circumstances. This condition usually appears on the face, the neck, chest, back, shoulders and even the upper arms. There is no specific age bracket that this condition targets, but it usually starts during pubescent age due to hormonal changes that a teenager undergoes. Although acne does not heavily affect one's personal health, it affects one's appearance which consequently affects one's bearing and confidence. This condition also leaves scars and marks which can be permanent depending on the case's severity.

There are several types of acne. From blackheads and whiteheads which are less visible to nodules and cysts (lesions which are dome-like and highly visible, these lesions has different characteristics and their treatment also varies, together with their costs. Treatment of acne generally involves reduction of sebum production, eradication of dead skin cells and killing bacteria.

Many people suffering from acne usually treat it on their own. They rush off to the nearest drugstore and avail of whatever medicine is available for acne. However, over the counter prescriptions may have effects which are not known to the consumer. Also, most of these OTC products do not work. They simply play into your needs and leave you hanging with the same problem, if not a worse one.

One of the more popular OTC products for the treatment of acne is ProActiv. This product, unlike some, have been proven to provide positive results. It addresses the problem areas immediately and helps treat acne over continued use. ProActiv is a set of medications that include a renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner and repairing lotion. These products work best if used together and is more suitable for maintenance purposes for those with less severe cases. The main ingredient of ProActiv is benzoyl peroxide.

A prescription drugs that is very strong for the treatment of acne is Accutane. It is an oral medicine that is used to treat severe acne conditions. However, because of its strength, it has effects which can lead to birth defects. That is why, it is advisable that this drug be used with caution.

Another treatment for acne is the more popularly known retin-A. Thistreatment is more popularly known because it not only addresses the problem of acne, it also serves as a remedy for other skin problems such as wrinkles, discoloration, stretch marks, among others. Most dermatologists also prescribes this medication along side others.

Against all these, not all treatments come from chemicals. There have been studies which confirm the importance of herbal oils in the medication of acne. But these still need further investigations.

Though acne is treatable, prevention is still better. It would be good if proper diet is observed and oil-inducing foods are avoided. Above all, it is best if proper hygiene is complied with. Be conscious of the chemicals contained in the facial products used. These chemicals can contribute largely to the proliferation of acne and may lead to allergic reactions. For terrible cases, it is best to consult with a dermatologist to know which treatment and regimen would be best for you.

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